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DJ Seinfeld, 'Time Spent Away From U'

12. DJ Seinfeld, 'Time Spent Away From U'

A sly joker with a heart as mushy as an old drum pad, Swedish-born, Barcelona-based producer DJ Seinfeld is chief raconteur of the Internet-generated "lo-fi house" scene, the latest dance subgenre that most dance experts claim to hate. Despite his goofy name, DJ Seinfeld (so named because he binge-watched the TV show after a breakup) crafts irresistible tracks via Ableton software that pay homage to the crowd-pleasing debris of 1990s "deep house" or "tech-house" – distorted 808 snares, 909 kicks and hi-hats, 303 squibs, analog-disco filters, reverbed Philly Soul-ful samples. Then he adds piles of tape hiss and vinyl crackle. But the ineffable, magnetic-kinetic swirl of his debut album, on both bangers ("I Saw Her Kiss Him in Front of Me and I Was Like Wtf?") and weepers (closing track "U," which samples Bob Geldof speaking about the dissolution of his marriage), explodes mere nostalgia. C.A.