20 Best EDM and Electronic Albums of 2017

Footwork frenzies, futuristic hip-hop, nostalgic lo-fi house and more

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DJ Sports, 'Modern Species'

10. DJ Sports, 'Modern Species'

Aarhus, Denmark has become a hotbed for endorphin-flooding club music thanks to the city's mysterious 11-person Regelbau collective and its artist-run imprints. Across a few cassettes and singles released as DJ Sports, producer Milán Zaks has embodied that scene's sound: crackling breakbeats, somersaulting drum 'n' bass, zoned-out downtempo and radiant deep house, all infused with the lush atmospherics redolent of a much warmer climate. Thanks to his breakout debut full-length album, Modern Species, it all comes together into an exquisite listen that harkens back to the golden days of the Nineties. A.B.

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