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20 Best EDM and Electronic Albums of 2017

Footwork frenzies, futuristic hip-hop, nostalgic lo-fi house and more

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DJ Python, 'Dulce Compañia'

16. DJ Python, 'Dulce Compañia'

The cross-cultural style of DJ Python, the alter ego of New York's Brian Piñeyro, is sometimes referred to as "deep reggaeton." But this mellow, pensive album was embraced by the larger electronic music world, fully avoiding the ethnic stereotypes that often gets music with the tiniest inflection of tropical flair shunted off into the walls of "alt-Latin." Pretty much only the outline of reggaeton remains in this new brew, with whispers of dembows holding up near-downtempo breaks and narcotized atmospherics. Tracks like "Yo Ran (Do)" and "Las Palmas" find the faintest pulse of island rhythms under washes of almost post-rock synth washes. Others, like "Q.E.P.D." get deeper and dubbier, but never fully abandoning the hiccuping syncopation. A.C.

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