20 Best EDM and Electronic Albums of 2017

Footwork frenzies, futuristic hip-hop, nostalgic lo-fi house and more

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Bicep, 'Bicep'

15. Bicep, 'Bicep'

For a record that reached the Top 20 in the U.K., the debut full-length by this Belfast-born duo makes about zero concessions to mainstream house music. Group founders Andy Ferguson and Matt McBriar started their project as a music blog (originally called "Feel My Bicep"), and their resulting "proper" studio album is music nerd's delight: touches of Nineties-style breakbeats ("Glue"), chillout-room ambient ("Vespa"), bits of broken beat ("Opal") and some outer-space disco ("Rain"). Tying it all together is a slim, slick production sensibility and a minor-key mood. A.C.

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