20 Best EDM and Electronic Albums of 2016

Flume, Kygo, Aphex Twin and more

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Jessy Lanza, 'Oh No'

11. Jessy Lanza, 'Oh No'

Jessy Lanza does her own dance on Oh No, drifting back and forth between vulnerability and impregnability, surrender and attack, sometimes in the course of a single song. The two poles are "It Means I Love You," a chipmunked bearing-all that ends with an impossibly naturalistic Jersey club breakdown; and "VV Violence," an industrial airing of grievances that captures the self-conscious brattiness of the PC Music crew sans any of their otiose artifice. None of Lanza's kindness is taken for weakness: At both ends, she sounds self-assured, even in the face of a partner who's always silent. N.M.

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