20 Best EDM and Electronic Albums of 2016

Flume, Kygo, Aphex Twin and more

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Arca, 'Entrañas'

3. Arca, 'Entrañas'

This 25-minute gasp is one of the more nightmarish dispatches from Arca, the pixel-pusher blurring the lines between club music, noise, musique concrète and body-horror foley work. The producer who brought his frayed A.D.D. edges to Kanye West, Björk and Frank Ocean explodes with screams, moans, bursts of alien techno, scraping, pounding, actual fireworks and a Mica Levi cameo drowned in a puddle of stomp. The sound-sculptor says he "very painstakingly spend[s] time embroidering such a degree of detail and variations," and naturally these are tiny bursts, mostly under two minutes, where tiny details ultimately bleed into a large-scale fright. C.W.

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