20 Best EDM and Electronic Albums of 2016

Flume, Kygo, Aphex Twin and more

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Andy Stott, 'Too Many Voices'

14. Andy Stott, 'Too Many Voices'

Andy Stott has worked as a master craftsman of brooding, foreboding electronic music that's gritty with textures and heavy on atmosphere. With Too Many Voices, though, he opened up more and seemed to breathe less dank and fetid air. The guiding principle continues to count as future music with all the curiosity, reticence and confusion that true considerations of the future deserve. But there's a briskness and even buoyancy in Stott's suggestive rhythms (and the otherworldly vocals by Alison Skidmore) that lend Too Many Voices a sense of visceral presence and pleasure new to the enterprise. A. Battaglia

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