20 Best Avant Albums of 2017

The year's best in ambient, noise, out-jazz, experimental electronic and more

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Dean Hurley, 'Anthology Resource Vol. 1: △△'

10. Dean Hurley, 'Anthology Resource Vol. 1: △△'

This collection of drones, hums, fogs, whooshes, slowly sawing melodies and harsh electrical storms represents raw material made for David Lynch's Twin Peaks relaunch. Concocted by longtime Lynch collaborator Dean Hurley and assembled like a "library record," they play like a dark ambient journey with a remarkably diverse, developed palette – "Slow One Chord Blues (Interior)" sounds like the parking lot of a lively night at the Bang Bang Bar while "Low Sustained Mystery" is a subterranean rumble. "David has taught me this, totally … I personally need to forget how a lot of this stuff was made," Hurley told Rolling Stone. "Because once I forget what I'm listening to, then I can appreciate it as purely sound."

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