20 Best Avant Albums of 2016

The year's best in ambient, noise, out-jazz, synth music, contemporary composition and more

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Oren Ambarchi, 'Hubris'

15. Oren Ambarchi, 'Hubris'

The lengthy, percussive, slowly expanding motorik journeys on the latest from the ever-restless multi-instrumentalist Oren Ambarchi are a little bit In C, a little bit minimalist techno, a little bit Giorgio Moroder and a little bit Blue Man Group. Ostensibly influenced by Wang Chung's To Live and Die in L.A. soundtrack, these late-night trips down the autobahn are especially notable for the jazzlike solos from hitchhikers they pick up along the way: synthesized Tangerine Dreaming from Jim O'Rourke, colorful blips from Keith Fullerton Whitman, vintage No Wave skronk from Arto Lindsay and more. A funky, fusion-y journey into many colors of whine, whoosh and strum.

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