20 Artists Eligible for the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Next

On the eve of the 2014 induction, a look at who might join the ranks through 2019

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Year Eligible: 2019
Debut Album: Weezer (1994)
Why They Should Be Inducted: Weezer were the alt-rock era's kings of kitsch – with videos that played of Happy Days and songs about crying over poor sewing – but it's Rivers Cuomo's songwriting on infectious singles like "Buddy Holly," "Hash Pipe" and "Beverly Hills" that could earn them their place in the Rock Hall. That and whether or not nerd culture will still be en vogue by the end of the decade.
Possible Drama: None. Frontman Rivers Cuomo is on good terms with the group's two living ex-members – both reportedly attended Cuomo's wedding in 2006 – and, a few months before his death in 2011, bassist Mikey Welsh played "Undone" with the band and Flaming Lips in New York.

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