20 Artists Eligible for the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Next

On the eve of the 2014 induction, a look at who might join the ranks through 2019

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Year Eligible: 2019
Debut Album: Definitely Maybe (1994)
Why They Should Be Inducted: Oasis might not have invented Britpop, but they surely ratified it. Brothers Liam and Noel Gallagher always had a knack for writing catchy, curl-lipped anthems for music fans as disaffected as they were. Well maybe not "as disaffected," given their penchant for inner-band pugilism, but who can forget "Wonderwall"?
Possible Drama: More like "probable drama." To cap off years of bickering between the Gallagher brothers, Liam sued Noel in 2011 for slandering him as the band broke up. Since then, Liam has said he is open to a reunion. Definitely maybe?

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