20 Artists Eligible for the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Next

On the eve of the 2014 induction, a look at who might join the ranks through 2019

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Green Day
Ebet Roberts/Redferns5/20

Green Day

Year Eligible: 2015
Debut Album: 39/Smooth (1990)
Why They Should Be Inducted: What other band of punks could serve as the connecting thread between 924 Gilman Street and Broadway? From their humble beginnings as snotty iconoclasts singing about masturbation to winning two Tony Awards for American Idiot, Green Day have truly redefined punk without abandoning the ethos of rock & roll.
Possible Drama: None. Despite a mini-breakdown following the release of ¡Uno!, when frontman Billie Joe Armstrong unleashed an angry screed on Justin Bieber at a festival and later sought substance-abuse treatment, the frontman has since been rehabilitated. The group is even putting out an LP of demos on Record Store Day.

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