20 Albums Rolling Stone Loved in the Sixties That You've Never Heard

We praised them 45 years ago — and you should listen to them today!

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The Good Rats, 'The Good Rats'
Warner Brothers Records3/20

The Good Rats, 'The Good Rats'

The Good Rats' story rolled out like the original draft of the Strokes: Five New Yorkers playing rock music you can dance to in smoky clubs. Unfortunately for the Good Rats, they never lived up to the hype. Although they spent years billing themselves as "the hottest group on Long Island," the Good Rats morphed into little more than a glorified cover band. By 1975, the band was reduced to booking gigs inside a club's kitchen; the band showed up in chef uniforms in protest. This embarrassing incident made more headlines about its ensuing courtroom battle – the Good Rats sued that promoter $2 million for breach of contract – then anything the band had done musically since their pretty good '69 debut. Still, the Good Rats continued to attract a decent following on Long Island until 2013, when longtime lead singer Peppi Marchello passed away.

What We Said Then: "The Good Rats [are] right behind the Rascals and the Velvet Underground as far as New York groups go... The Good Rats would be good to dance to, if people still danced. As it is, the best thing is to stand, very loaded, in front of a good stereo with the Rats at high volume until either of your eardrums or the woofer comes apart." By Alec Dubro, March 15th, 1969

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