20 Albums Rolling Stone Loved in the Sixties That You've Never Heard

We praised them 45 years ago — and you should listen to them today!

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 Chrysalis, 'Definition'

Chrysalis, 'Definition'

"SPIDER (from a group that hasn't destroyed your mind yet…) is the one who wants you to turn your radio around," is what Frank Zappa wrote in the We're Only In It for the Money liner notes about Chrysalis frontman J. Spider Barbour. However, Chrysalis never ended up destroying too many minds. After this album came and went, this Ithaca, NY-based band apparently called it quits. Barbour would later resurface in some capacity on Zappa's 1985 PMRC protest album Meets the Mothers of Prevention. He now works as an ecological consultant and writes columns for the Woodstock Times.

What We Said Then: "This is an intelligent group, with a good knowledge of where they're at and what they want to say. It's questionable whether they will ever be an 'influence,' their style does not have the romantic appeal of blues, but they are enjoyable and worth listening to." By Charles Perry, October 26th, 1968

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