20 Albums Rolling Stone Loved in the Sixties That You've Never Heard

We praised them 45 years ago — and you should listen to them today!

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Autosalvage, 'Autosalvage'
Acadia Records6/20

Autosalvage, 'Autosalvage'

This psychedelic band released only one album before disbanding. Before that, they had opened for the likes of Richard Pryor and the Mothers of Invention – it was the Mothers' Frank Zappa who recommended the moniker "Autosalvage." Guitarist Rick Turner eventually became a manufacturer of instruments, first co-founding Alembic, then his own Turner Guitars.

What We Said Then: "This is the kind of music that you have to sit down and listen to a couple times before you begin to see an inkling of all that is there… Autosalvage doesn't sound like anybody else (although "Me and My Monkey" on the new Beatles album sounds like they might have heard Autosalvage). But Autosalvage never sold. You may have a bit of a time finding it in the stores, but keep looking and you will be very amply rewarded." By Edmund O. Ward, June 14, 1969

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