15 Legendary Unreleased Albums

Springsteen's full-band 'Nebraska,' Neil Young's 'Homegrown' and other shelved projects by major artists

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Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young, 'Human Highway' (1973)

Discord on CSNY's 1970 tour proved explosive enough to fragment the band for years, but by 1973 they were ready to reconcile. The quartet flew to Maui to write and rehearse a new album from the peace and comfort of Young's palm-shaded beach house. They named the project Human Highway. Neil Young penned the title track and "Pardon My Heart," Nash offered "And So It Goes" and "Prison Song," Stephen Stills had "See the Changes" and Crosby "Homeward Through the Haze."

CSNY reconvened in the recording studio armed with the fresh batch of songs, but tensions quickly overwhelmed the sessions and work ground to a halt. They let the dust settle for a year before attempting a massive two-month tour in the summer of 1974. Fans had a blast, but drug abuse, poisonous group dynamics and general bad vibes caused Crosby to nickname the excursion "the Doom Tour."

The band reunited in a California studio that November for another stab at Human Highway. "[It was] a hopeless cause," said Crosby. "Stills was burnt out. I was burnt. Even Nash was less than his usual nice self." They tried one final time in January 1975, enlisting Grateful Dead drummer Bill Kreutzmann. Listening to Nash and Stills bicker over a harmony note proved too much for Young. He walked out, and the album was abandoned for good.

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