15 Legendary Unreleased Albums

Springsteen's full-band 'Nebraska,' Neil Young's 'Homegrown' and other shelved projects by major artists

Bruce Springsteen, 'Electric Nebraska' (1982)

The album that became Nebraska began as an acoustic sketch recorded in Springsteen's New Jersey home during the first week of January 1982. Using a "Portastudio" cassette recorder, he taped guitar and vocal demos (with minimal overdubs) for 15 tracks to be fleshed out with the E Street Band. These songs were more downbeat and macabre than his previous work, reflecting Springsteen's malaise as he grappled with family difficulties and the isolation of superstardom.

Springsteen and the band convened in a New York City studio the following month to give these intimate songs the full E Street treatment. As work progressed, the Boss grew dissatisfied with the heavily orchestrated takes. "They overruled the lyrics," he told Uncut. "It didn't work. Those two forms didn't fit. The band comes in and generally makes noise, and the lyrics wanted silence." He decided that the delicate demo tapes suited the music far better than barroom bombast. The studio recordings were scrapped, and Springsteen released 10 tracks from his home sessions as Nebraska.

For decades it was unclear exactly just how much work had been completed on the so-called Electric Nebraska, but drummer Max Weinberg recently confirmed that the album does exist. "The E Street Band actually did record all of Nebraska, and it was killing," he revealed to Rolling Stone. "It was all very hard-edged. As great as it was, it wasn't what Bruce wanted to release. There is a full-band Nebraska album – all of those songs are in the can somewhere."

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