15 Legendary Unreleased Albums

Springsteen's full-band 'Nebraska,' Neil Young's 'Homegrown' and other shelved projects by major artists

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Bob Dylan and Johnny Cash, 'The Dylan/Cash Sessions' (1969)

Dylan and Cash had been circling each other for the better part of a decade before finally joining forces in the studio. The Man In Black had made the first move, writing the young troubadour a fan letter shortly after Dylan came on the scene in 1962. When they met in person at the Newport Folk Festival two years later, he gave Dylan one of his guitars as a sign of respect.

In February 1969, Dylan was in Cash's hometown recording his ninth album, the country-imbued Nashville Skyline. By chance, Cash happened to be working in the studio next door. Dylan paid him a visit, and on February 17th and 18th, the pair recorded more than a dozen duets together. Of the bunch, only one of them – an update of the Freewheelin' Bob Dylan track "Girl From the North Country" – made the finished album. The rest would languish in the tape vaults until being liberated by enterprising bootleggers.

The collection is a fascinating study of two musical heavyweights revisiting their respective legacies. Dylan's "One Too Many Mornings" is given a run-through, as are Cash's hits "I Walk the Line," "Ring of Fire" and "Big River." Early Sun Records tracks like "That's All Right" and "Matchbox" are also dusted off, with Carl Perkins himself backing the men on guitar.

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