15 Great Prince Songs That Were Hits for Other Artists

The purple touch that helped the Bangles, Sinead O'Connor, Chaka Khan and more

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Sheila E., "The Glamorous Life" (1984)

Hot 100 Chart Position: Number Seven

This funk-laced track about a woman who, despite having the outward trappings of "happiness," wants romantic love became the pop breakthrough for Sheila Escovedo, who met Prince in 1978. ("Oh, I know who you are," he said to her after she introduced herself.) The coda, which showcases Sheila E.'s incredible prowess on the drums and a wild sax solo by jazzman Jarry Williams, was snipped from the radio edit, but became well-known because of its delirious virtuosity. "'The Glamorous Life' was the last song we worked on. In fact, we weren't even going to include it on the album," Sheila E. wrote in her 2014 memoir, The Beat Of My Own Drum. "It started out as an instrumental, and I couldn't think of any lyrics for it at first. Once I got started, though, the words came quickly … It was very percussive and it had a catchy melody, incorporating all the black keys on the piano so that it almost sounded like a nursery rhyme."

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