15 Great Albums You Didn't Hear in 2016

Rolling Stone critics choose LPs that flew under the radar

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Heavy Metal, 'LP'

Heavy Metal, 'LP'

The general idea is punk – all of it, at once, a history in 31 minutes. This Berlin trio recorded their debut in their practice space after just six rehearsals, confident that the brute simplicity of knuckle-dragging guitar would get the job done, as always. Their Googleproof name is a way of hiding in plain sight, but dial them up on Bandcamp and you'll get 13 songs of unstoppable snarl, 11 of them under three minutes. A rinky-dink keyboard nods to punk's garage roots, a squawking saxophone signals kinship with the Detroit and Cleveland kids who fought boredom with dreams of art, an iced-out synth and dub bassline connect to post-'77 disillusionment. Over a terse dot-dash-dot guitar line, the album closer "Total Bullshit" offers another angry summation of the 12 months of disappointment that we called 2016: "Work is bullshit, meaningless bullshit. Belief is bullshit. Life is bullshit." Joe Levy

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