15 Best Moments at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame 2015 Induction

The funniest speeches, most punk-rock performances and unlikeliest team-ups

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Best Punk Party: Green Day's Speeches and Performance
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Best Punk Party: Green Day's Speeches and Performance

Green Day's induction was a rare personal window into the band's family. As screens showed his mother, wife Adrienne and two sons grinning in the crowd, Billie Joe Armstrong traced the history of the band, from growing up the youngest of six kids and getting into rock & roll watching Alice Cooper on Showtime to meeting Mike Dirnt ("my musical soulmate") after their schools merged, and meeting Tré Cool when he played for a local band called the Lookouts. "One of my favorite drummers of all time," Armstrong said. "He's the most dangerous drummer on the planet."

In charming speeches, Tré Cool thanked his family and a long list of drummers, from Buddy Rich to Keith Moon, while Dirnt thanked the Ford motor company for "creating the Ford Econoline van, the best damn van any smelly touring band could have." He also thanked his wife Brittney. "You're a wonderful mother. You kicked cancer's ass last year," he said, as she broke up laughing, her eyes watering up.

The band roared through raucous takes of "American Idiot," "When I Come Around" and "Basket Case" as the guys in Fall Out Boy hung out backstage, Patrick Stump drumming along on his jeans.

"When you look at their track record at every stage of the game they do kind of the coolest thing they could do," he explained. "Not just bringing kids onstage to play with them, but the most raddest, honest thing you can do as an artist: putting out a folk record, putting out American Idiot— that was a ballsy record."

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