15 Best Moments at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame 2015 Induction

The funniest speeches, most punk-rock performances and unlikeliest team-ups

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Best Beatles Reunion: Paul and Ringo, Together Again
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Best Beatles Reunion: Paul and Ringo, Together Again

Paul McCartney, who inducted John Lennon in 1994 but skipped the Beatles own night in 1988, began his induction speech for Ringo Starr by his sharing earliest memories of seeing the drummer play before he even joined the Beatles. "We were just like, slamming around and doing stuff, but he had a beard — that's professional," McCartney said. "He had the suit. Very professional. And he would sit at the bar drinking bourbon. We'd never seen anyone like this. This was like, a grown-up musician."

When it came time to take the podium, Starr was in similarly light-hearted spirits and the opportunity to see him trade chuckles with his old bandmate was rare and spectacular. Ringo seemed genuinely touched by McCartney's words and also emphasized his pre-fame days in his speech, though he ended with hysterical advice for young bands. "When you're in a van, and you fart, own up," he said. "It'll cause hell if you don't own up because everyone will blame everyone else. Make a pact that you'll own up to it. We did and that's why we did so well." 

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