Beyond 'Hitchhiker': 15 Archival Neil Young Albums We'd Like to Hear

From 'Time Fades Away II' to 'Homegrown' and Crazy Horse's killer 2003 Bonnaroo set, a look at the best of Young's overflowing vault

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'Tonight's the Night,' David Briggs Cut (1973)

In Jimmy McDonough's indispensable Neil Young book, Shakey, he reveals that producer David Briggs had a cut of Tonight's the Night that was even rawer and weirder than what ultimately came out. "I diluted it," said Young. "I had to. The pure, essential Tonight's The Night was more of a work of art than what came out, because it was the original shit. ... There was a whole bunch of shit, and that made is so eerie. It's just so fucking drunk and hysterical. We were really out there – swearing, knocking the microphone, giggling and carrying on. It's funny how different it was. ... We could recreate it. We got the masters and we got the raps." Let's hope they do that. The world needs to hear this. 

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