Beyond 'Hitchhiker': 15 Archival Neil Young Albums We'd Like to Hear

From 'Time Fades Away II' to 'Homegrown' and Crazy Horse's killer 2003 Bonnaroo set, a look at the best of Young's overflowing vault

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Solo Acoustic Tour (1999)

From March to June of 1999, Neil Young played solo acoustic shows at theaters all over North America. He'd sit in the middle of a large collection of acoustic guitars, with a pump organ on one end of the stage and a piano on the other, and simply play whatever he felt like. Super rarities like "Ambulance Blues," "Last Trip to Tulsa" and "On the Beach" entered the show after decades of neglect, blending perfectly with selections from his new album Silver and Gold. Any song in his catalog felt like fair game at any moment. He's done a lot of great one-man shows since this, but none have been quite this majestic and magical. 

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