14 Classic Albums That Flopped When They Were Released

'Pet Sounds' and more iconic slow burners

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The Stooges, 'The Stooges' (1969)

The Stooges, 'The Stooges' (1969)

The Stooges was a commercial failure in its time — peaking at Number 106. Eventually, the rest of us would catch up with the Stooges' visionary stoner fanbase and thrill to the way Ron Asheton enshrouds himself in stupefying waves of wah-wah and brother Scott drums like he's marooned on a planet with twice the gravitational pull of Earth. Though the way Iggy Pop growls and shrieks his way through these stomps and dirges, at once feral and cerebral, is probably something none of us can ever truly catch up with.

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