13 Tours We'd Like To See In 2013

From Outkast to David Bowie, here's our list of dream tours for next year

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Van Halen with two lead singers

Van Halen with two lead singers

Few fans prefer Sammy Hagar's tenure in Van Halen to the band's David Lee Roth years. Without any doubt, the songs were better when Diamond Dave was involved – and since he rejoined the fold a few years ago, Van Halen has circled the world on two huge tours and even released a new album. (Sadly, bassist Michael Anthony was pushed out of the band to make room for Eddie Van Halen's son Wolfgang, preventing the original line-up reunion that fans crave.) But ticket sales were a little soft on the most recent run. Yet another tour with this line-up will be no big thrill. It's time to up the ante and do something unprecedented: hit the road with both Dave and Sammy. 

We'll admit this plan has some complications. Hagar released a best-selling book last year that didn't exactly paint Eddie in the most positive light. Also, he probably wouldn't return to the band without his close friend Michael Anthony, and presumably Ed will never fire his own son. But maybe Wolfie will want to stand on his own two legs eventually – he's currently on the road as part of Creed guitarist Mark Tremonti's solo band. And a dual-singer tour is one of the few truly surprising moves Van Halen could pull at this point. They've done the reunion tour, then another one. This is their last big chip left to play. Sure, it sounds unlikely – but a reunion with Roth was said to be impossible for many years, until it happened. Money makes people do crazy things.