13 Tours We'd Like To See In 2013

From Outkast to David Bowie, here's our list of dream tours for next year

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Rage Against the Machine
Tim Mosenfelder/Getty Images2/13

Rage Against the Machine

Rage Against the Machine are, hands down, one of the greatest live bands to emerge in the past two decades. Maybe even of all time. They broke up in 2000 near their peak, but seven years later they started reuniting for live shows here and there. The thing is, most of these shows have been at festivals, often in Europe. By the time Rage hit the stage, many fans have been baking in the heat for 12 hours. It's not an ideal venue for the band – particularly when many of their original fans are no longer so into the idea of a mosh pit full of black-out drunk frat boys. At some point, Rage should really do a proper arena tour so their older fans can chill out and sing along to "Bulls on Parade" without risking life and limb. 

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