12 Wildest Prince Moments

Butterflies, boos and bare butts – the most outrageous episodes from a legendary career

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Prince Turns Bedroom Into a Butterfly Sanctuary (1985)
Mark Downey/Corbis5/12

Prince Turns Bedroom Into a Butterfly Sanctuary (1985)

Prince's eccentricities, like those of many pop stars, became magnified as his fame and wealth increased. At least Prince's quirks were occasionally whimsical, if not downright otherworldly. In a 1985 interview with Rolling Stone, he led a tour through Minneapolis, dropping such revealing tidbits as the fact that he hasn't cried since he was a teen. But the most arresting moment of the tour is when one of his guest bedrooms is revealed to be an ad hoc butterfly sanctuary. In the middle of the room, goes the article, a smiling, yellow lawn gnome sits. It's covered in "a swarm of butterflies," one of which "is flying out of a heart-shaped hole in the gnome's chest." As if to nonchalantly shrug off such a magical sight, Prince remarks, "A friend gave that to me, and I put it in the living room. But some people said it scared them, so I took it out and put it in here."

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