12 Biggest Feuds of 2014

The year in celebrity beefs, brawls and brouhahas

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Justin Bieber vs. Orlando Bloom
Getty Images5/12

Justin Bieber vs. Orlando Bloom

The first half of the year seemed dominated by Justin Bieber's increasingly erratic antics, from spending thousands at strip clubs to racing expensive cars while under the influence to vandalizing his neighbor's house. While the law seemed incapable of catching up with Bieber's shit-stirring, other celebrities managed. Grainy footage that came out this July showed 37-year-old Orlando Bloom attempting to punch Justin Bieber in the face at Cipriani restaurant in Ibiza. It apparently started when Bieber made a joke that he had slept with Bloom's ex-wife, Victoria's Secret model Miranda Kerr, within earshot of the actor, then further provoked him by saying, "What's up, bitch?" as he walked by. A report even suggested that Leonardo DiCaprio was present and cheered Bloom on. Though the actor fails to actually land the hit, he still gets to check "swing at Justin Bieber" off his list of Things Every Guy Dreams About (presumably right behind "sleep with a Victoria's Secret model").

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