12 Biggest Feuds of 2014

The year in celebrity beefs, brawls and brouhahas

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Iggy Azalea vs. Snoop Dogg
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Iggy Azalea vs. Snoop Dogg

Iggy Azalea burst onto the scene this year and immediately the haterade was flying. The face that launched a thousand thinkpieces – many of them on the theme of racial appropriation – quickly drew the ire of Snoop Dogg, who began an anti-Iggy campaign on social media. He fired the first shot after posting a mean-spirited Instagram pic that mocked recent paparazzi photos of Azalea sans makeup. Azalea followed up by calling him out on Twitter, recounting how the rapper was always nice to her face so it "disappointed" her that he would be "an ass for no reason." She would later delete this and subsequent tweets on the subject, but the damage was done. The fired-up Snoop went on to post a series of Instagram posts that alluded to their "feud," calling her a "bitch" and worse, and posting a now-infamous Instagram picture that compared Azalea to Marlon Wayans' character in the movie White Chicks. Azalea called Snoop out on Twitter again, this time attaching a photo of the rapper with the caption, "When your drug addict aunt gets clean." She later deleted that tweet, too, explaining that he "got the memo" and she "didn't need it living on her page for all eternity." Snoop continued to lob bombs until Azalea mentor T.I. called him and apparently convinced him to apologize, which he did in a video on, naturally, Instagram. To her credit, Iggy took the whole thing in stride and later even took a selfie dressed as said White Chicks character for Halloween.

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