12 Best Springsteen Albums (Not Made by Bruce)
Bruce Springsteen (center) with Nils Lofgren and Steven Van Zandt of the E Street Band. The boss was involved in many great records by other artists, including these 12. Kevin Mazur/Getty

Keyboardist David Sancious was the only member of the E Street Band to ever live on E Street (located in Belmar, New Jersey) – but over the past four decades, E Street has proven to be a state of mind more than a neighborhood. Bruce Springsteen looms so large, straddling the Garden State like a colossus, that there are countless albums made under his influence: records by sidemen past, present and future; discs that he produced; albums by fellow travelers recording the songs he never got around to releasing himself. These are 12 of our favorites – great albums for when you're driving all night on Interstate 95 and you didn't bring along your copy of The River.