11 Best Things We Saw at Dylan Fest

From Kesha's poignant "I Shall Be Released" to Jason Isbell's mesmerizing three-song set

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Best Heart-Stopper: Ann Wilson

Pairing an iconic song with an iconic vocalist, the celebration of all things Dylan reached a "Crazy on You" classic-rock crescendo as Ann Wilson delivered "Like a Rolling Stone," the night's final single-artist performance. An all-hands-on-deck singalong followed to close the show for good, but Wilson’s joyful, shout-singing rocker was its spiritual climax. Dressed in all black – black leather jacket, black cocktail dress and black boots – Wilson wasted no time getting the crowd behind her. With the eight piece Cabin Down Below Band in support and with 75-year-old Nashville Cat Charlie McCoy providing the song's famous harmonica refrain, a Ryman Auditorium audience of about 2,000 rose to its feet and hung on every word of each verse, joining in on the chorus. By song's end, Wilson had to essential yell to be heard over the top of the crowd, a fitting end to two nights of loving tribute.

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