11 Best Things We Saw at Dylan Fest

From Kesha's poignant "I Shall Be Released" to Jason Isbell's mesmerizing three-song set

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Best Guitar Shredding: Tommy Emmanuel

Most of Dylan Fest was understandably dedicated to the icon's incredible way with lyrics, but when you're a guitar-shredding, string-bending master like Tommy Emmanuel, you find a different way to express Dylan's genius. Most of the crowd at Night 2 had probably never heard of Emmanuel, but they will remember his incredible performance. A student of legendary picker Chet Atkins, Emmanuel showed off lightning-fast guitar playing on one of Dylan's few instrumental tracks, the uber-appropriate "Nashville Skyline Rag." Emmanuel led the song with a flatpicking style that seemed like a walk in the park to him, but when he threw the melody to other players, they simply could not keep up. Even the pedal steel, which is usually played with three extra picks and four extra strings when compared to a regular guitar, was no match for Emmanuel's blistering, effortless speed. It was a mind-boggling performance met with a roaring standing ovation.

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