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Mick Fleetwood
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60. Mick Fleetwood

Along with steady rhythm-section mate John McVie, Mick Fleetwood has remained a constant through his namesake band's many stylistic shifts, from the late Sixties blues-rock of Peter Green to grown-up pop of the ongoing Stevie Nicks–Lindsey Buckingham lineup. Fleetwood's rhythmic personality shines through on every cut from the band's classic best-seller Rumours: The stylish fill that introduces "Dreams" is as hooky as any chorus, and the gut-punch tom-tom counterpoint he provides to Buckingham's rhythm guitar is integral to "Go Your Own Way." Buckingham has praised Fleetwood's "instinctive" style and tells a story about the distinctive cowbell break the drummer added to the band's first single, "Oh Well." "Mick did that real off the cuff and then when he tried to repeat it, he couldn't do it! It took him a week of rehearsals to learn what he'd done in an instant." As a performer, Fleetwood's instinctive flair and childlike glee behind the kit remain intact to this day.