100 Greatest Drummers of All Time

From rock thunder machines to punk powerhouses, we count down the kings and queens of slam

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Tomas Haake
Jesse Wild/Getty93/100

93. Tomas Haake

The sophisticated foundation of Swedish metal band Meshuggah's rumbling, experimental sound, Tomas Haake creates an off-kilter feel by playing a standard 4/4 beat with his right hand and tumbling polyrhythms with everything else. The result is beats that often sound like the mechanized revving of a Lamborghini Diablo SV. Since Meshuggah's first album, 1991's Contradictions Collapse, Haake has modified his approach by adding electronic beats and increasingly more sophisticated drum patterns, courtesy of guitarists Fredrik Thordendal and Mårten Hagström. "The guys all write on computers, and I emulate what they have written," Haake said. "This sometimes makes for awkward drumming, but at the same time it makes for a great challenge and an obstacle to overcome. It really keeps me on my toes."

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