100 Greatest Drummers of All Time

From rock thunder machines to punk powerhouses, we count down the kings and queens of slam

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39. Ramon "Tiki" Fullwood

"Man, that was the most hardest foot drummer I ever heard," said Grady Thomas, vocalist in George Clinton's doo-wop crew the Parliaments, of Ramon "Tiki" Fulwood. Legend has it that at a tender 17 years old, Fulwood had to sneak into clubs to perform, and Clinton eventually had to beg his mother to take him on tour. His heavy style — alongside Eddie Hazel's free-wheeling guitar — signaled the end of the band wearing suits, and turning towards a psychedelic potpourri that would change the world. What you hear on drugged-out anthems like "Maggot Brain" are his unique, heavy-handed takes — a rapturous, extroverted execution that would later become sample-fodder for hip-hop producers. "Tiki was the epitome of that showtime shit, with power," said Hazel's mom Grace. "I mean, he was playing that shit like all kinds of bombs was going off back there."

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