100 Greatest Drummers of All Time

From rock thunder machines to punk powerhouses, we count down the kings and queens of slam

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Jeff Porcaro
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37. Jeff Porcaro

Toto drummer Jeff Porcaro was a perpetual pop presence in the Seventies, Eighties and Nineties. His fleet stick work gave Michael Jackson's "Beat It" much of its bite, helped Michael McDonald's "I Keep Forgettin'" simmer wistfully and laid down the "Rosanna Shuffle" on his own band's megahit of the same name. "Jeff always had a huge part in making a song a record," Porcaro's brother and bandmate Steve told Rhythm in 2013. "You felt like you were capturing lightning in the studio. It was never boring. ... He always came up with the best parts instantly, like he'd been playing the song for years." Porcaro passed away in 1992, shortly after Toto's eighth album Kingdom of Desire was completed; he'd also played on Bruce Springsteen's Human Touch, and allegedly turned down a million-dollar tour offer from the Boss in order to work with his flagship band.  

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