100 Greatest Bob Dylan Songs

From "Just Like a Woman" to "John Wesley Harding," we count down the American icon's key masterpieces

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24. "Lay, Lady, Lay" (1969)

Lenny Kravitz: I first heard "Lay, Lady, Lay" when I was six or seven, riding around New York in the back seat of my parents' old VW Bug, listening to WABC. It was the first Bob Dylan song I remember loving. Later, when I heard another one of his songs, I wondered, "Where's that low, crooning voice?" He's singing it in a very different voice from his normal one. I thought this guy sounded like that all the time!

It's a very black song – very soulful and sensual. "Lay across my big brass bed" is a lyric you would expect to hear from Isaac Hayes. The beautiful thing about Dylan is that he is such a chameleon. He's got so many characters inside of him, like a painter with limitless amounts of color. I love the vocal. I love the descending chord progression. I love the drum fills. It's a simple, beautiful love song, and I love the whole feel of it.

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