100 Best Albums of the '90s

From Moby to Nirvana, the records that defined a decade

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The Notorious B.I.G., 'Ready to Die'

8. The Notorious B.I.G., 'Ready to Die'

You remember the first time you heard Biggie — he came on as the baddest chronic-smoking, Oreo-cookie-eating, pickle-juice-drinking stud on the block, and he was the man, girlfriend. Biggie spread love the Brooklyn way, doing more than anyone else to revitalize New York hip-hop after years of West Coast dominance, and Ready to Die maps out the sounds of Nineties cool. The vision is bleak, from "Suicidal Thoughts" to the love song that hinges on the line "I swear to God, I hope we fuckin' die together." But Biggie's voice is also full of high-spirited fun, bringing the pleasure principle back to hip-hop. In "Big Poppa," his idea of a romantic evening includes a T-bone steak, cheese, eggs and Welch's grape, and that's just while the Jacuzzi heats up.

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