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Andrew Gold, 'Andrew Gold'

Andrew Gold, 'Andrew Gold'

Gold, the multi-instrumentalist son of Oscar-winning composer Ernest Gold and Marni Nixon (the secret singing voice of Hollywood starlets such as Natalie Wood), made an appealing but retro debut, in the mode of the Beatles circa Rubber Soul. Two years later, Gold would score a Top 10 single, the maudlin "Lonely Boy," but his greatest fame probably came from "Thank You for Being a Friend," which became the theme song for the long-running geriatric sitcom The Golden Girls. Gold died in 2011, age 59.

What We Said Then: "Not a note or a beat is wasted, and Gold's guitar breaks — variations of early Beatles licks — are especially tasty, well suited to their sleek modern settings. Gold's ballads are as captivating as his rockers, if not more so. 'That's Why I Love You' deserves recognition as an all-time great teen love song — light and sweet, with just a whiff of sadness, it hooks you from its first measure. . . . here is one artist whose freshness, vitality, and musical talent should help give nostalgia a good name." — Stephen Holden, RS 201 (December 4, 1975)