10 Singer-Songwriter Albums Rolling Stone Loved in the 1970s You've Never Heard

We praised them 40 years ago — and you should listen to them today!

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Rory Block, 'Intoxication'

Rory Block, 'Intoxication'

Block left her Greenwich Village home at age 15 and headed south to study blues guitar with the living country blues masters (Mississippi John Hurt, Son House, etc.). By 1978, she was 26, a master of her instrument and writing modern blues songs about women's ambitions and identities. She achieved greater success in the Eighties when she signed to Rounder and started recording in the classic Delta blues style; she has now released well over 20 albums.

What We Said Then: "Intoxication is a small masterpiece: a habit-forming album that doesn't knock you flat or drive you crazy, yet gets a glow going every time. . . The songs she writes maintain a traditionalist's respect for the integrity of their sources. From the reverb in an R&B ballad to the snap and lilt of gospel piano (which she plays herself), Block gets the details right." — Ariel Swartly, RS 259 (February 23, 1978)