10 New Country Artists You Need to Know: November 2015

From the rowdy son of a celebrated songwriter to a mesmerizing Texas spitfire

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Tucker Beathard
Suzi Pratt/FilmMagic7/10

Tucker Beathard

Sounds Like: Eric Church before he matured into the Chief, Thomas Rhett before he discovered Bruno Mars

For Fans of: Church, the Cadillac Three, attitude-heavy country

Why You Should Pay Attention: Beathard's father is hit songwriter Casey Beathard, who was inspired to write the Eric Church hit "Homeboy" after his rowdy son lost his direction. But the younger Beathard, 20, isn't defined by his pops or his wayward past. The songs on Tucker's recent Demos EP showcase a singer-songwriter with attitude and hooks to burn, all delivered in a sing-songy stoner voice that is as hypnotic as it is unrepentant.

He Says: "With songwriting, I always looked up to my dad. But with music, it was anything and everything, whether it's a slow melodic pretty song or a rocking balls-to-the-wall heavy song. You grow up and hear all this different music, and file it away in your head. But I'm not trying to copy anything. I'm just doing whatever sounds right."

Hear for Yourself: The no-regrets rocker "Momma and Jesus" thumps along with devilish delight, and packs just as much oomph in the spaces between the notes as the notes themselves. Joseph Hudak

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