10 New Artists You Need to Know: October 2015

Wolf Alice, Jess Glynne and more

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El Dusty

El Dusty

Sounds Like: The last hour of the year's most turned-up quinceañera.

For Fans of: Bomba Estéreo, 3BallMTY, arguments over the meaning of "moombahton" 

Why You Should Pay Attention: Dusty is at the forefront of a sound he calls "the new cumbia," updating a genre that dates back centuries by adding EDM synths and a digging-in-the-crates approach to samples. Born in Corpus Christi, Dusty found similar artists through at parties like Peligrosa in Austin and Que Bajo?! in New York, and he landed a deal with Universal after attempting electro on 2012's "K Le Pasa." Next up, a debut album: It will be released as soon as he figures out the right rappers for his unique beats.

He Says: "[The internet] is the birthplace. People were uploading all these old cumbia records, the Cumbia Cumbia compilations, and sampling the shit out of all those songs. And that's kind of where it started: People were making edits of those songs or cumbia edits of hip-hop tracks. Toy [Selectah] was scouring MySpace for all the artists and putting us all together. It was a cool little phase we went through. Now it's so routine: You put a song out and here's where you market it and here's your target audience, all this kind of shit. Whereas before it was just experimenting." 

Hear for Yourself: "Cumbia Anthem" uses an accordion sample as bait, then locks you inside a rave. Nick Murray

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