10 New Artists You Need to Know: November 2017

YBN Nahmir, Jaymes Young, Superorganism and more.

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Stormi Henley8/10


Sounds Like: An Eighties goth with an R&B falsetto atop broken electronics

For Fans of: Miguel, Rhye, Tri Angle Records

Why You Should Pay Attention: The 28-year-old native Angeleno recently opened for Miguel, got a co-sign from Perez Hilton and is playing at Houston's Day for Night Festival next month. Though he remains secretive about his background, he lays bear his darkest, most lurid thoughts in his lyrics. "I am an empty slate … do not resuscitate/ 'Cause I could use the sleep," goes one line from his 2016 EP In Loving Memory. A self-admitted Smiths fan, Saro's handle comes from the chorus of "Pretty Girls Make Graves" about "sorrow's native son/He will not smile for anyone." His newest EP Boy Afraid (out in December) finds the self-admitted recluse creeping a bit further out of his shell.

He Says: "Morrissey didn't make me want to be a singer per se, but I identify with his lyrical style, how he's so direct but then hides these things in his language that can be so dark and hopeless," Saro said of how he grew from just singing in the shower to recording his own music. There's a bit of dark humor behind such hopelessness though. In shooting a video to accompany his forthcoming single "Sky Doesn't Blue," Saro wound up being buried alive. Twice. "The first time we did it in Topanga State Park without permits, guerilla shooting and using a drone to shoot the whole project. Right as I'm getting buried alive, up to my face in dirt, the ranger comes and freaks out on us for digging on state property. We wound up on my friends property and did it again. There's dirt in every crevice of me and I don't think I'm going to get it out."

Hear for Yourself: "Test" is a beautiful, dark, twisted fantasia. Andy Beta

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