10 New Artists You Need to Know: November 2017

YBN Nahmir, Jaymes Young, Superorganism and more.

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DJ Seinfeld
Dani Canto4/10

DJ Seinfeld

Sounds Like: Trying to dance through the feelings at 4 a.m.

For Fans of: Classic house and techno, the sound of a slightly worn cassette in your headphones

Why You Should Pay Attention: DJ Seinfeld­ – really Malmö, Sweden native Armand Jakobsson – blew up via YouTube, but not on his own channel. Instead, his saudade-drenched stunner "U" wound up reposted on an underground-house-centric channel called Slav. There, its burbling, contemporary basslines, married with proper, classic house rhythms, crunchy compressions and wee-hours comedown chords, racked up some 600,000-plus views to date.

It also got him loosely grouped with a small crop of other artists, mostly working online, mining similar rough-edged, nostalgic tunes under sardonic names. Termed "lo-fi house," it includes acts Ross From Friends, Mall Grab and DJ Boring – and stirred up a helping of social-media drama along the way. Seinfeld's new full-length, Time Spent Away From U, makes for one of the best proper dance-music albums of the year, full of wistful R&B ballad samples, borderline-Balearic melodies, and lo-fi crackle and fizz.

He Says: Seinfeld wrote both "U" and the album's title track in the same span a year ago, right in the middle of an alcohol-dampened, post-breakup funk, one which spurred him to leave aside a master's in economics and move to Barcelona. When SoundCloud suggested a label of "euphoric house," he selected it a little ironically.

"That song, and 'U' were made on the same day, if not one day apart. It was just about real emotional turmoil at that point," he recalls. "I was probably sitting on my balcony in Barcelona and drinking wine and working on those songs. So those are the two most 'emotional' songs – definitely not 'euphoric,' but in some kind of weird vapor state."

Hear for Yourself: An anthem for romantic FOMO, "Time Spent Away From U" has fuzzy swatches of lovelorn female vocals, bummer synths and driving four-to-the-floor beats. Arielle Castillo

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