10 New Artists You Need to Know: June 2017

Playboi Carti, Cheat Codes, Jlin, Jaimie Branch, Smino and more

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Cheat Codes
Jared Thomas Kocka2/10

Cheat Codes

Sounds Like: Uplifting vocal-dance anthems for getting loose with friends and forgetting the one who didn't text you back

For Fans of: Matoma, Martin Garrix, the Chainsmokers

Why You Should Pay Attention: Their breakout 2016 single "Sex" hit worldwide charts and they've probably struck gold again thanks to a new offering, "No Promises," featuring Demi Lovato. It's already hit the top slot on Billboard's Emerging Artists chart and it's been spun over 5.9 million times and counting on YouTube.

The trio behind Cheat Codes – Trevor Dahl, Kevin Ford and Matthew Russell – first came together through a series of semi-unfortunate events: Ford and Russell met and bonded over being ripped off by the same producer, while Dahl struggling to make it in L.A., wound up renting out Russell's spare laundry room. It all worked out for the best, though, as the producers, songwriters and singers decided to put aside their old genres (acoustic singer-songwriter fare, hip-hop), to take their talents to the dance world. How that's manifested, then, is a heavy dose of a live-band feel for the mega-festival crowd. Dahl often provides the kind of lovelorn, wistful vocals that hurt so good as the sun goes down on the main stage, while the whole trio often mans electronics and equipment to keep things thumping with the energy of a live band.

They Say: "We had a show with Demi a few months ago in Brazil and afterwards all their fans and our fans were tweeting at us like, 'Aw, you've got to do a song together,'" Ford says. "We had this song, called 'No Promises,' and we thought she would be perfect and her voice would really capture the concept and all the emotions. ... People are so focused on the title of the relationship, they're not really enjoying it, they're not in the moment and enjoying themselves to see if they like being around the other person."

Hear for Yourself: On "No Promises," Dahl and Lovato wistfully stay committed to be non-committal over sunshine-ready swaths of tropical house. Arielle Castillo

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