10 New Artists You Need to Know: August 2014

Meet the rising stars of rock, EDM, country, R&B and more acts shaping your tomorrow

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Joyce Manor
Dan Monick5/10

Joyce Manor

Sounds Like: Disappointment in two minutes or less.

For Fans Of: Jets to Brazil, Jawbreaker, Weezer

Why You Should Pay Attention: The Southern California punks recently put out their third album, Never Hungover Again, which showcases their aptitude for writing short but not-so-sweet Nineties-style emo. Songs like record's "Christmas Card" are so confessional and raw that they've gotten frontman Barry Johnson in trouble with his girlfriend ("Looking at your face in the dark/You don't even look that smart"), even when he says the songs aren't specifically about her. But regardless of their inspirations, the group's angsty yawps have earned them a place on this year's FYF Fest, upcoming gigs with Des Ark in the States in late summer and a European headlining trek this fall. 

They Say: "I was surprised at how people would say, 'It seems like you're so angry and so sad and on the verge of suicide always. Are you OK?,'" Johnson says about the reception to his lyrics. "I just thought that was normal. I'm happy a lot of the time. It would be weird for me to write a song about all the good times we've shared. I don't know. It's just corny."

Hear for Yourself: The fast-and-furious 65-second salvo "Catalina Fight Song," which has a video featuring the band getting battered in a martial arts studio. "We're all scrawny, not-athletic types," Johnson says. "We were all just super, super sore the next day. I've never done anything like that. I've never been flipped like that… We only had, like, two hours, so we went from doing rolls on the ground by ourselves to being flipped in a matter of 30 minutes. It was fine but it was definitely scary. I think the people at the jujitsu school assumed we'd be more athletic, period." By Kory Grow

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