10 New Artists You Need to Know: August 2014

Meet the rising stars of rock, EDM, country, R&B and more acts shaping your tomorrow

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Gavin Keen8/10


Sounds Like: Twentysomething joy, excitement, doubt and disappointment expressed with precision and wit.

For Fans of: Camera Obscura, Belle and Sebastian, Orange Juice

Why You Should Pay Attention: The Toronto band's self-titled debut was the most-added album at college radio after its July release. It's full of impossibly catchy songs like the winsome single "Archie, Marry Me." "That's more of an anti-marriage statement than a pining necessity of getting hitched," explains singer Molly Rankin. "Just two kids without any direction, doing it on a whim in a courthouse, saying 'Who cares?' to everyone else who has all of their ducks in a row before settling down. It was the most romantic thing I could think of at the time."

They Say: Rankin and guitarist Alec O'Hanley wrote many of the debut's songs while she was working at a Toronto smoothie shop in the dead of winter, but "Archie" dates back to an earlier time when lived in a farmhouse on her native Prince Edward Island. "It was probably 30 kilometers away from any kind of establishment whatsoever, and it was the worst winter in PEI in probably the last 30 years, so we were surrounded by six feet of snow," she says. "We had a snowmobile to get to the road, but we ended up burying the snowmobile. I guess we were inspired by it being so bleak."

Hear for Yourself: "Adult Diversion" is an instant rush of jangly emotion. By Simon Vozick-Levinson

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