10 Music Publicity Stunts Gone Wrong

Madonna's 'Sex'-capade, Garth Brooks' weird alter ego and other artist ploys that didn't go off as planned

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Madonna Publishes 'Sex,' Immortalizes Vanilla Ice (1992)
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Madonna Publishes 'Sex,' Immortalizes Vanilla Ice (1992)

A book titled Sex with Madonna's name on the front: How could it possibly go wrong? Yet when the coffee-table volume of photographs came out in 1992, its bestselling status was offset by a backlash from fans and critics who saw little more than stunt-publishing at best in the racy project. As it turned out, the sex-centric concept album that followed later that year, Erotica, became the singer's least successful full-length up to that point – and Sex became notorious for, of all things, the unfortunate casting of Vanilla Ice as one her photographic paramours.

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