10 Music Publicity Stunts Gone Wrong

Madonna's 'Sex'-capade, Garth Brooks' weird alter ego and other artist ploys that didn't go off as planned

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Elvis Joins the Army (1958)
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Elvis Joins the Army (1958)

The upstanding adults of America couldn't have been happier when Elvis Presley enlisted in the Army in 1958. The singer was the height of his early stardom, but his lip-curling, hip-swiveling insinuations had angered moral watchdogs from sea to shining sea – so, prompted by his manager Colonel Tom Parker, Elvis shipped himself overseas. His two-year stint as a soldier in Germany may have rehabilitated Elvis in the eyes of moms and dads everywhere, but when he returned, rock & roll was already passing him by. He began his slow turn toward softer music, drug abuse and Vegas-incubated eccentricity in the Sixties, no longer the outlaw rebel he was when he first exploded on the stage, changing culture forever.